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CMA Skills Tests

The Skills Tests are a central element of the firearms education and competition concepts of CMA. The tests can be used to check the proficiency of a new shooter and for measuring progress when climbing up the shooter's career path. 

There are two separate skills tests: one for handgun and one for rilfe (2-gun). Both tests have been developed and then refined over many practical iterations to obtain a well balanced result. The tests are based on a respective skills matrix that is relevant for the basic firearms education and for the introduction to dynamic sports shooting. The tests cover a maximum of the included topics.

Both tests are comprised of 3 stages and several strings and require a total of 48 rounds each. The test setups are feasible on most indoor and outdoor ranges with very reasonable material requirements and building effort. They can be run quite efficiently with small groups of shooters.

Start to use the skills tests to measure your skill level, further develop your techniques, assess the effect of your training and track your progress as a shooter!

Skill Levels
  • Rookie (RK)

  • Marksman (MM)

  • Advanced (AV)

  • Expert (EX)

  • Master (MA)​

There are five skill levels in CMA. A shooter will have a separate level for handgun and for rifle.

The rookie level is relatively easy to achieve if the shooter is safe and able to perform the required techniques correctly with decent hits on target . For the master level however, there's is only a slim margin for errors and all techniques have to be performed with high speed and accuracy.

Skills Matrix

The basis for each of the tests is a skills matrix that contains the shooting abilities included in the basic handgun and rifle educations and the introduction to dynamic sports shooting. With the exception of a few topics such as for example firearm parts or disassembly and maintenance, the tests fully cover the relevant matrix. In order to be successful, a shooter needs to learn and practice all of those skills before being able to successfully pass the tests. 

Basic muzzle control while moving uprange is a special safety technique used in dynamic sports shooting. All other skills are not necessarily specific to sports shooting only and therefore the tests can be used for a comprehensive skills assessment for pistol and for rifle handling and shooting in general.

Handgun Skills Test
CMA Handgun Action
Setup and Procedure
CMA Skills Test Handgun

Download Handgun One-Pager

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Consult the video below to check  the procedure of the handgun skills test.

Handgun Skills Matrix
CMA Handgun Skills Matrix

Download Handgun Skills Matrix

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Rifle and 2-Gun Skills Test
CMA Rfile Action

It is a prerequisite for each shooter to have passed the handgun skills test before doing the rifle skills test.

Setup and Procedure
CMA Rifle Skills Test

Download Rifle One-Pager

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Consult the video below to check  the procedure of the rifle skills test.

Rifle Skills Matrix
CMA Rifle Skills Matrix

Download Rifle Skills Matrix

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Practiscore Templates

Go to the resources page to download the practiscore templates for scoring the skills tests.

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