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Stage Examples Explained

CMA has three stage types: Open, Single Zone and Multi Zone. Each has some unique characteristics and all three are possible in handgun and in 2-Gun matches. Check out some examples and explanations below. More will follow!

Reduced Size Targets

Download reduced size paper targets for printout. The 50% target fits on an A3 size paper and can be used for the rifle skills test and for matches. The 40% target fits on a A4 sized paper and is for practice purposes only.

Exact measurements for target production can be found in the rule book.

CMA Target 50% A3

50% reduced size paper target for print on A3

CMA Target 50% 2xA4
CMA Target 50% 2xA4

50% reduced size paper target for print on 2xA4

CMA Target 40% A4 for practice

40% reduced size paper target for print on A4 - practice only

Stage Design Template
CMA Stage Design Template

The stage design template is intended to be used with libre office or powerpoint. It contains a lot of drawing elements that can be copied for making good stage descriptions. The original is done in libre office, so the converted powerpoint file might have some conversion errors. Check it out!

- Download in .pptx format

- Download in .odp format

Practiscore CMA Template

CMA is not yet a built-in option in practiscore. The templates can be used for scoring the skills tests or matches using the practiscore app. Divisions, penalties and scoring is pre-set for CMA. 

CMA Practiscore Templates

We recommend practiscore for scoring the skills test and matches. As CMA is not yet a selectable sport in practiscore, we provide a template for ease of use. It's an archive file containing the definition of the skills test including divisions, classes, stages and penalties. For other matches, just copy and change the stages to your designs.


  1. Handgun: download

  2. Rifle: download

  3. Rename the file to have the ending filename.psc (if necessary)

  4. Import the file in your practiscore scoring app on your scoring device

  5. Add shooters as necessary

  6. You are ready to go!

Here are some screenshots about the process:​

Official Logo

The CMA logo can be used for example:

  • by registered clubs to advertise their matches

  • by registered clubs on trophies

  • by certified instructors to advertise their classes

The logo can be in either green (hex 264b26), red (hex db1e26) or sand (hex dcc896) color. The downloads are in pdf format for easy sizing and converting to other formats.

More options like for example country specific logo templates will follow.​

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