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CMA Shooting Career

CMA provides several career steps for our members: competitor, safety officer, trainer, match director and instructor. Some of the steps are already defined and others are still being developed and refined. 

CMA Shooter
Competitor Steps

1. Get your CMA ID number

The number is composed of your country code followed by a serial number. There's the possibility to be assigned a custom number, depending on availability. Take contact, if interested in that. The ID number will stay with you throughout your CMA shooting career.

2. Become a CMA member

Next, you should choose a membership plan. At the moment, only 1-year memberships are implemented and they are for free. An active membership will get you access to more pages and functions an the website as well.

CMA Shooter Career Steps

3. Become a certified competitor

Once you have become a member, you should proceed to obtain your CMA shooting license. The way to do this is to attend and pass the Pistol Intro course. After the pistol course you can additionally do the 2-Gun Intro course if you are planning to compete in 2-Gun matches.

In those courses you will learn about the rules and their application, about specific shooting techniques and you will pass the pistol or 2-gun skills test and get classified accordingly. The intro courses are specifically about CMA sports shooting. You will need to already have a solid basic pistol and rifle shooting education prior to attending the respective courses.

As CMA is still young and expanding in many countries, some shortcuts are possible for existing competitive shooters, depending on the concrete situation.

4. Compete in CMA matches

​After having passed the proper education and skills test, you can attend CMA competitions worldwide. Your digital ID card, downloadable on your dashboard, will always show your up to date membership, certification and classification information. 

5. Keep things valid and up to date

Renew your membership when it's due and shoot the skills tests at least once every 12 months. ​This ensures that you remain certified and able to attend CMA events.

You can update your pistol and 2-gun classifications by shooting the skills tests more often of course. This allows you to check your personal progress and climb up the ladder of classes. 

Safety Officer
Safety Officer
CMA Safety Officer

Become a certified safety officer

The next step after competitor is to become a safety officer. Safety officers run and score the stages in a competition and they can renew the skills tests of competitors. In order to obtain the safety officer certification you need to be an experienced competitor and successfully attend the safety officer course. In the course you will learn about firearms safety, as well as setting up, running and scoring stages. You will acquire the skills to be on the staff team of a competition. Doing a safety officers job is a lot of work but it can also be very rewarding. Safety officers are the backbone of the sport. Without them, no events are possible.

You will have to be on the staff team of several competitions during a period of time in order for your certification to be renewed. The exact parameters of the renewal will be worked out in the near future.

Safety officers have additional functionalities on the website available to them such as for example uploading skills test results or registering an event or a new club.

CMA Instructor

Become a certified instructor

CMA already has a group of certified instructors in several countries. They all are experienced shooters and safety officers and have led shooting classes in the past. The instructors teach the competitor intro and the safety officer courses. Candidates will have to take contact, get approved and pass a fast-track course in order to get certified.

In the coming years, we will establish requirements for candidate instructors and we will define a full multi-day certification course.

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