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Rule Book & Documentation

The current rules and additional documentations are available for download here. The main version is the one in English language. More translations will become available in the future. The next version of the rules is scheduled for mid 2024 with additional appendixes and some corrections and enhancements. 

Check out the resources and the communications pages and the FAQ for some stage examples and explanations.

Handgun and 2-Gun

CMA Rule Book

Go here for the Skills Test.

More documentation on competitions, firearms education and CMA certifications will follow.

Paper Target Dimensions

CMA Paper Target Dimensions

Download Target Dimensions

The paper target dimensions are defined in the rule book.

However, you can view and download a one-pager of the 100% paper target here.

Handgun Examples

There are countless types and models of handguns available that fit the CMA pistol division requirements. Here are a few examples shown in their respective dimensional box. Check them out!

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