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About CMA

CMA is a registered trademark owned by the SwissAAA company based in Zurich, Switzerland. The new dynamic shooting sport has been founded on June 10, 2023 in Burgdorf, Switzerland by a group of founding members. In the meantime, there have been many very successful matches in both handgun and two-gun disciplines and a lot more will follow. The time is right to join our efforts and become a part of the future of CMA.

The CMA Founders

The CMA Founders (left to right): Björn Thomann, Urs Maritz, Michael Heinzl, Raphael Vögtli, Thomas Herzog, Bruno Wyss, Andy Pfenninger


We welcome both individual as well as institutional members. Membership for the first year is free. The individual membership will allow you to get a CMA ID, to be classified by completing the CMA Skills Test and to participate in competitions. Institutional or club membership will allow you to organize competitions and use the CMA brand to advertise them. So, don't hesitate: signup, get involved and, above all, start shooting CMA!

CMA Founders Badge

The Founders Badge

Next Steps

CMA is a young sport and, of course, there are a lot of action points to be done. Some of the most important ones are mentioned below. 


We plan to found a sports association based in Switzerland and transfer ownership of CMA from the SwissAAA company to the association. In addition to the memberships for individuals and clubs we are planning a representation of countries in the association. More concrete steps are planned during 2024.

CMA International:

CMA is made for spreading internationally and offer events and matches in many countries and locations to the members. Currently, CMA is present in Switzerland, Thailand, Slovakia, Kenya, Czech Republic, Hungary and the list of countries is growing fast. If you are motivated to join up and start with CMA in your country, take contact!

Firearms Education:

CMA is based on a thorough firearms education concept. This allows the definition of a certification system for shooters, safety officers, trainers and instructors. Some of the courses are existing and in use today, some will be defined and introduced in the near future. A goal is to offer courses and related certifications that are of value and can be used and accepted outside of the sport framework as well. 


We intentionally started with the shooting related part of the sport instead of first creating a big overhead in organization, infrastructure and cost. However, at some point in time, we will need to produce some income from memberships and hopefully from sponsorships in order to sustain an organization serving our dynamic sport shooting community. We plan to have direct registrations and corresponding membership fees by the global association but we are working on a process to allow some of the funds to flow back to the countries and support their efforts. Details will have to be worked out in conjunction with the transition to a sports association.

Rules Optimization:

The rules and regulations of the sport will be periodically optimized. We are always collecting well-founded suggestions. The founders team will review them and take a decision whether the rules will be changed accordingly. The next version of the rules is planned for mid-2024, one year after the Founders Day.


The website will be constantly enhanced with more contents and functionalities. 

Gear and Apparel:

We plan to offer gear and apparel such as for example holsters, trousers, t-shirts, caps and so on, that are functional and reasonably priced. It's a mid- to long-term plan so stay tuned for more news about it.

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